Facts about Jiang Zeming

Jiang is a native Chinese speaker, and he speaks fluent English and Russian. Also he is familiar with Japanese, Romanian and French, although with heavy accents.

During a dialogue with demonstrating students in 1986, Jiang recited loudly, in English, the preamble of the U.S. Constitution and then Lincoln’s 1863 Gettysburg Address.

Jiang talked with Mike Wallace from CBS in 2000 for over 60 minutes in a TV program. He is the first and only China paramount leader to talk to a journalist one on one in TV.

In some videos on the web, Jiang plays Hawaii guitar (aka the ukulele), dances the waltz, sings Elvis Presley’s Love Me Tender. He was thought to be the one with the most artistic temperament among all Chinese leaders.

Jiang has become a rich source of online emoticons, memes, and even real-life conversations in China. Some Chinese call him "haha", which literally means toad, as a nickname because his face looks like a toad, to show their affection with the former paramount leader.

Another nickname for Jiang is "elder" or "senior", for he once called himself an "elder" or "senior" when he was berating a Hong Kong journalist Sharon Cheung who questioned him.

Every year on Jiang's birthday, netizens in China will celebrate with posting toad, avatars of Jiang or his iconic black rim glasses on social media, and they will comment "+1s" everywhere, which means they would like to donate one second from their own life to extend the life of the Jiang.

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